Over the last couple of months Jal3inc has been hard a work on our own customer explorer. This explorer uses the in house API and is still in beta. The undertaking of this explorer was a pretty big task. The goal is to have this be a one stop shop for everything EGEM. You will notice that the rich list is live and will be updated every 24 hours. In the center of the screen you can see the tokens that will be on the chain. We also have an area that will list all pools at a glance. This will help promote distributed hash and display all our pools. The contracts tab will have Remix available inside the browser and we are planning to be able to have contracts visible as well. I would recommend you check out the site and also check out the API section. You can pull some great info and get tons of information through it.


We are in the process of developing Sapphire(SPHR) the subchain below EGEM. SPHR will have enhanced functionalities built on to the subchain that will extend to EGEM and ERC20 tokens on the EGEM chain. The initial benefit to SPHR is a DEX and it is dual mineable with EGEM(like mining with claymore for ETH and DCR). The plan is to release airdrop 2:1 SPHR to each EGEM in every wallet. Also due note that SPHR will be its own coin not not subservient to EGEM, but will be related with the quarry nodes. The Quarry nodes will get paid bonuses when coins list on the Sapphire DEX. Sapphire will create node enhancements that we are calling sponsors. In order to have the enhancement sponsors will have to stake some SPHR( current amount is not finalized). This enhancement will allow node owners to get paid in sapphire from mining rewards and fees generated by trades using the DEX.

Updates from Osoese 9–6–2018 6:50 AM CST

Just want to drop a quick note on the status of Sapphire. galimba, sehidcan, and jal3inc have been running multiple nodes across the globe with me every day or so and we test the chain mining, syncing, transfers of funds and orders. Every day we are adding tested functionality to the code base and then calling it up again. Most things have worked great out of the box. As with anything we have found a few glitches — but that is why we do unit testing. When we find these little issues, they get fixed and another test run to verify. Usually, the fix is the next module that was not present in the last tested version. The chain grows and is really fun to watch because of the multi-currency wallet, the fact that it also is pulling EGEM chain blocks into the sequence, and that we also wrote every piece of the code that is running in the EGEM labs. In fact the peer chain sync process (pulls the historical chain off other peers if a new peer comes in later) was added and not expected to work with multiple peers and at the time a party had left their node up from the previous nights testing. It actually worked multi peer before it was supposed to and we all smiled. So, I’m just tossing this update here so you know that fairly soon the base version will be up for a stable test net and we can add new miners and nodes to the mix for scaling. Don’t feel left out if you really wanted to help and haven’t been offered a chance yet. Testing a new chain involves a lit of controlled coordination or you have to change the code base to eliminate nodes that get left on from the previous round. In this case we have a little internal system that is working. When moon? I am not sure, friends, but I can tell you the integrated subchain DEX test net will be sooner than we thought.

Then the “ATM guy” (I told him I call him that on the channels) and the financial services team are meeting with me on Friday to discuss the implementation plan. That is coming and will be a part of the DEX also (multi currency being a key part of that). I have some options on how to work this, but have a question. Previously I asked if a few people wanted ATMs or could market them and got positive replies from the business minded folks on here. Here is a 2nd question: what if we allowed an ICO type offering of a token that backed this and allowed everyone to participate in the ATM/Financial services plan? Would that be exciting or a bad idea? What would you want it to look like? If such a thing came together the tokens would have to be utility on the EGEM chain and would get the fees for the crypto side and the per ATM build out, most likely will hold some property. I have not veted this with the market attorneys for security purposes and this is not an offering. But, since most of you are heavy into EGEM and looking long it makes sense to partner with you, our biggest partner, in such a trustless way that the entire EGEM gets the benefit.

There will be some capital needed to build out the first round of ATMs and get them into the stores. To register the company that interfaces with the Financial Services outfit on the crypto side. And probably some other activities which would be outlined further before anything goes forward. So, as I go into this meeting on Friday I’d like to know EGEM thoughts on if you want to participate in this or not before I strike a deal that does not allow this kind of thing (like the private equity paying for it and getting these rewards). This ICO would allow people like yourselves to buy crypto for cash and collect the fees back in your own pocket, while also collecting some kind of fee at every ATM ever deployed and would be a simple token on the EGEM chain. This will also help me scale without having to wear too many hats. Let me know your thoughts and every thought is okay even if you say bad idea.

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This concludes the September update. Please feel free to join us!

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@buzzkillb announcements post to #announcements on discord. And the @everyone works also


create a .bat file to run go-egem (50 peers as it depends on your router here, try 100 if you can) Also setting a wallet address in case you want to solo mine while you are at this.

egem.exe --rpc --cache=1024 --maxpeers 50 --etherbase=EGEMWALLETADDRESS

or an Archive node (uses more disk space)

egem.exe --rpc --cache=1024 --maxpeers 50 --gcmode=archive --syncmode=full --etherbase=EGEMWALLETADDRESS

Double click your .bat file to get the wallet to start syncing. You will reset Windows at some point during this, so maybe wait until you reset.

Download node.js and install Windows 64-bit msi.

Download git and install Windows 64-bit.

Download python 2.7 and install.

Restart after installing all the software so the paths are set in Windows.

Go to a command prompt as administrator. In search box type cmd, right click and run as Admin.
Install chocolatey https://chocolatey.org/install or like below

@"%SystemRoot%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" -NoProfile -InputFormat None -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString('https://chocolatey.org/install.ps1'))" && SET "PATH=%PATH%;%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\chocolatey\bin"

Install yarn using chocolatey

choco install yarn

Make a directory to put network intelligence to, like d:\egem
Go into that directory and type

git clone https://github.com/TeamEGEM/egem-net-intelligence-api cd egem-net-intelligence-api yarn install yarn global add pm2

Now edit your app.json to show your name and contact. Then start network intelligence

pm2 start app.json

You should show up on https://network.egem.io/
Other useful commands for pm2

pm2 status pm2 monit pm2 kill

To solo mine use genoil ethminer. Sample bat below.

ethminer -U -F