Weekly update 6-21-2018
Currently we are in era 0.

Solstice: 5001–2,500,000

Plans and goals for this era:

1.Bring sidechain testnet online. In Progress
2.Develop and deploy bots and contracts.Completed and ongoing
3.Facilitate the creation of tokens and dapps.Completed and ongoing
4.Build community and gather talent.Completed and ongoing
5.Have a user input period to sense the direction we should take if ASIC’s become a rampant problem.Completed and ongoing
6.Build our own custom block explorer and API endpoint. Explorer in testing and API completed
7.OPAL desktop client application alpha out for testing and auditing.Completed and beta soon


First and foremost the team has been really hard at work. I mean check out the new landing page https://egem.io/! Love how the mouse can interact with the moving egem. This page was built with the idea to have the main information at a glance. From here you can quickly access the forum that has all the main information that was on the old site. We thought it would be best to put the discord link as a main point of contact. Most of the community is centered around discord.
0_1529629314191_ethergem landing.PNG

I know we have continued to mention when explorer? Well the explorer is actually completed and we are performing some finalized testing. We plan to roll out the explorer to our community devs to test here soon. As the explorer nears completion, we have started an alpha version of an IOS Wallet. The process is still in the works, but I can say that they have successfully made transactions from the wallet. Really exciting news, in that we have planned to have a wallet on all platforms. 0_1529629403633_egem phone.PNG

Now for a quick update on the sidechain. The information I can share at this time is really limited, but I can say that it is going well. Work on consensus is progressing and mining connection tests (successful) are in progress. Each day is closer to a release on a testnet for everyone. This process is a timely one, we are making sure that the foundation is going to be strong enough to meet the expectations that everyone has for the sidechain.
Let's talk about our ongoing bounty for Dapps. We recently had our 2nd submission Catsper with his dapp(https://forum.egem.io/topic/18/đapp-stake-token-standard/2). Please check it out and we are hoping to see more submissions as the time goes on. Just a reminder the bounty is giving away 10,000 EGEM for first, 5,000 EGEM for second, and 3,000 EGEM for 3rd. So far both submissions Catspers and Scibot(https://forum.egem.io/topic/6/dapp-gem-funders) have been great. Looking forward to seeing maybe a MUD or some game style Dapp soon.

We end this weekly update with some great news on getting listed on an new exchange. MapleChange(https://maplechange.com/) is now the one stop shop to get all the great TRIFORCE coins(EGEM,DNR,XSH). I got a chance to talk with Flavius(a core dev for MapleChange) in discord and asked how would you describe MapleChange? He mentioned, “the main idea behind MapleChange is to emphasize the Canadian exchange aspect of it and its continuous growth. Also the fact we try to offer immediate customer service.” The support that we have received so far has been far above what I expected based on past exchanges that I have used.

This concludes the Weekly Egem update.Please feel free to join us!

Discord: https://discord.gg/39WGWRB
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/egem/
forum: https://forum.egem.io/
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Telegram: EGEM Telegram @EGEM_Team