Multiple Quarry Nodes and and send all notifications to your main email?

Work in progress and will be using Outlook as an example.

First turn on autonotify on the discord bot. 0_1545100254117_f035c2ba-ae2f-486b-92e2-1a098c2d111e-image.png

Then go into your email you used to create your Discord Quarry Node with. For these purposes I am making a category on any Ethergem / EGEM discord emails I have already received.

Now we want a rule that says to forward any email that says EtherGem / EGEM in it, or whatever the bot emails. More specific the better. Use your judgement here.

Go to Categorize -> Manage Categories

Now create a rule. This rule will forward any Discord emails with EtherGem / EGEM in the subject line.

Can turn on/off, edit, or delete.