Here are the general list of commands used in the bots channel.

/egem - shows the what is EGEM info. 
/faq - common asked questions. 
/getid - this number is needed to use /usertip. 
/usertip <userid> - tip a user or yourself every 2 hours. 
/pools - show list of known EGEM pools. 
/markets - show list of known place to BUY/SELL EGEM. 
/convert - get a list of realtime conversions from EGEM to another coin. 
/botinfo - shows bot address so anyone can fund it, and its balance. 
/roll - toss dice and returns a number from 1-12 and a random word.
/register <address> - saves user address and name to db. 
/changereg <address> - change your registered address.
/checkreg - find whether you're registered or not.
/coinhelp - EGEM Blockchain commands.
/carhelp - List of cars and there EGEM required.
/list - shows number of users registered for raindrops.