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    A quick look into the code behind Egem Crimes, were we can see some of the files used to compile it, as well as some of the functions from the Player Contract.

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    What is Egem Crimes?
    Egem Crimes is a decentralized game made to run on the Egem network.
    In Egem Crimes you control a playable character action's, in order to obtain rare weapons and armors, control factories and earn Cash and Tokens.
    Egem Crimes is a Player Vs Player game, where everyone is free to attack other players, but you got to watch your back and plan your attacks carefully, or else you can get retaliated. Alternatively, you can create your gang and collaborate to run a business by owning one of a kind building or setting up small factories.

    How does it work?
    EgemCrimes contract manages the Player, Weapon, Armor and Factories contracts. Player contract keeps track of all the players registered, players status, cooldowns and current inventory. The Weapon and Armor contracts keep track of all the weapons and armors created as well as who owns them. The factory contract keeps track of all the factories, which resources they generated, and who owns and works at each factory.
    Plus, each of this contracts is an ERC721 contract, which means you have total control over your players, armors, weapons and factories, and you are free to trade or sell them.

    What is the goal?
    The goal of Egem Crimes is to bring some cool mini games to Egem network, where you have to work to get rare weapons and armor, get to be in the top players ladder and own and control factories that generate Egem and other Egem Tokens that you can use to upgrade equipment or sell on the market.
    This incentives players to cooperate to get to their goals, or to fight each other in order to control rival's business.

    What is the state of Egem Crimes?
    Egem Crimes is in early phase of testing, most features have been implemented but there is still no UI developed for all of them.
    The full game will be available at EgemDapps.com, and a test version will be uploaded soon.

    How can I play Egem Crimes?
    In order to play Egem Crimes you will need access to a browser and an Egem Wallet. The easiest way is to use Mist Browser or the Metamask extension for the browser of your choice, and then connect to the Egem network.

    What is planned for the future?
    We plan on getting support for other dapps integration like the Egem Lottery Dapp currently available to test in EgemDapps.com. Other dapp submissions by the community are also welcome. With the Tokens generated by playing Egem Crimes you will be able to play other games or sell the tokens to other users.
    We also plan on creating a market to facilitate the trade of the game assets, as well as the tokens. This way you can search for weapons and armors more easily and be sure that you are paying a fair price for tokens.

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