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    ĐApp: Stake Token Standard

    Funding projects, whether it be personal or business is an important matter for the individual or business owner, many leanding and funding institutions exist and have existed for many years. Block chain technology and Smart Contracts allow individuals and businesses to interact with each other on a platform that needs no third party gatekeeper to verify transactions and state changes. Many smart contracts are widely in use for the purposes of funding. A typical ERC20 Token can be created and deployed on an Ethereum based platform using a smart contract and the tokens that are then sold to fund projects. The ERC20 standard is however limited in what it can achieve. The smart contract explained below a.k.a the Stake Token Standard, is an extension of the ERC20 standard, it incorporates a mechanism to gain funding by way of stakers. Stakers are issued an ERC20 compatible tokens after they have staked. The contract could then be considered an ERC20 Stake Token. This coupled with a user interface is what we will call Catspers ĐApp. The contracts' two "modes" of operations, that are not strict in their definitions or uses i.e. as a source of funding or staking.

    More information about the Stake Token Standard and the user inteface can be found via the links:

    Live user interface can be found at: https://www.hashingpool.party/staketokeninterface/
    Full Description of the contract can be found at: https://www.hashingpool.party/catspersdapp/
    Git repo with the smart contract .sol file can be found at: https://github.com/CatspersCoffee/StakeTokenDapp

    To celebrate the launch of this ĐApp Catsper has Deployed a Stake Token contract on the EGEM blockchain at address:


    Catsper has pre-loaded the reward into the contract (10,000 EGEM), this equates to a 20% reward on the 50,000 Tokens that are available over a Stake period of 30 days (43200 minutes). The terms of this contract are that it will be a loan to
    the EtherGEM Dev team to do something meaningful for the EGEM community, it can come down to a community vote based on proposals by the Dev team and community. The Dev team will have to pay 50,000 EGEM back into the
    contract within the 30days (probably from the dev team block reward?) but the 10,000 EGEM reward will be given by Catsper. Catsper will activate the contract if he is the winner of the ĐApp contest 😉

    The cotnract will be a PoWHODLers contract with the following penalties for non-HODLing.

    • 7% if you redeem your tokens for EGEM before 30 days (43200 minutes). 3% if you Redeen your Tokens for EGEM after the 30 day period.
    • The minimum Staker Period is 30 days (or 43200 minutes).
    • This contract will use a time unit of minutes on the contract state display.
    • Tokens are backed by EGEM at a rate of 1:1.
    • This Contract offers a Reward payment of 20% if you stake till after the 30 day period*. To gain this Reward you need to "Mint" your Tokens after the minimum stake period.
    • To meet HODLer status you need to have NOT withdrawn (ever) and have a minimum token balance of 5% of the initial supply (50,000 Tokens).
    • The last HODLer will be awarded the entire Penalty Fund when he or she redeems their tokens. <
    • If you Mint your Tokens before the minimum staker period you will gain 0% Reward.
    • An Initial supply of 50,000 Tokens is held by the contract (and owner). EGEM can be sent directly to the contract addess where you will be issued Tokens at a 1:1 ratio.
    • The Maximum Supply of Tokens is 60,000 Tokens.
    • The Reward (20% of 50,000 Tokens --> equal to 10,000 EGEM) has already been loaded into the contract EGEM balance and will remain with the contract until all Stakers have redeemed their tokens.
    • The owner of the contract reserves the right to withdraw the entire balance of the contract back to his wallet in the even that the contract malfunctions, where it will then be districuted to stakers wallet addresses for their equivalent Tokens.
    • A reward of 1,000 EGEM will be given for persons who can find significant bugs with this contract. contact @Catsper on the EGEM discord.

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