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    You may apply this tutorial to CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16, Ubuntu 18 or Raspbian 9.
    Node requirements:
    • An EGEM wallet (you can create one using https://myegemwallet.com)
    • If this is your first Quarry Node: 10k EGEM
    If this is your second Quarry Node: 30k more EGEM
    (a total of 10k+30k=40k for two Quarry Nodes on the same wallet)
    • A Discord Account (https://discordapp.com)
    • A VPS with following specifications:

    • Public IP address
    • 1 CPU core
    • 450 MB RAM
    • 25 GB HDD/SDD
    • CentOS 7 (64-Bit)

    Connect to your VPS, using PuTTY or a similar tool.
    alt text

    After you have logged in, copy/paste and run this command:

    bash -c "$(curl -ko - https://git.egem.io/team/egem-quarrysetup/raw/master/nodemanager)"

    This will start the install script.
    Next window you are going to see is this:
    alt text

    Press “Enter” to continue the installation.
    Then you'll be asked to enter a unique name for your Quarry Node and contact info (for ex. Discord account name) for developers to contact you when needed.
    alt text

    Then you are going to see the installation status.
    alt text

    If everything went as they should, you will see this completion message at the end:
    alt text

    Congratulations! EGEM Quarry Node is now installed successfully on your vps!
    To complete the validation of your node, just follow these 3 steps.
    Press “Enter” for summary window.
    alt text

    You can check some stats of your node(s) on https://network.egem.io

    Happy earnings!

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