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    Currently Running On Rinkeby Network

    Website: https://egem-funders.herokuapp.com/
    Github: https://github.com/Scibot-Dev/egem-funders

    You can view a live version at the website link above. If you have metamask, please be sure to switch to the Rinkeby Network. At it's core this is a very simple dapp that can be used to crowdfund projects or anything else.

    The actual campaign contract is launched through the campaignFactory, which takes the name, description, and minimum Contribution amount and launches the contract onto the network, making the person's address designated as the campaign manager.

    The manager can then set up request(s) to ask the contributors if they can withdraw a certain amount of money for certain tasks related to their goal/campaign.

    If you find the project worthwhile, you can contribute the minimum amount or greater and you will become an approver for that campaign. As an approver you can approve requests for that campaign.

    All requests would need to be approved by over half of the total approvers for that campaign. If you have 200 contributers, you will need 100 approvals before being able to finalize your request.

    I have left a few examples of this process on the heroku version, and you can also interact with the website by using The Rinkeby Faucet.

    If the community sees any value in this I welcome you to check the github, it has everything needed to launch your own version. I have two other dapps I need to work on, but suggestions on features you would want to see here would be appreciated and possibly added

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